Visitor Rules and Regulations

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In order to maintain a pleasant experience for all visitors, ensure safety, and protect the nature of River Bend we ask that the following rules be observed while visiting River Bend Nature Center.

PURPOSE: To secure the quiet, orderly and suitable use of the River Bend Nature Center in accordance with the intent of Chapter ___ of the Minnesota Session Laws, 1977.

GENERAL CONDUCT: Intent is to provide for the regulations and conduct of individuals so as not to interfere with the natural features, and wildlife and vegetation within the River Bend Nature Center.

Therefore, it shall be unlawful, except upon permission of the Executive Director or his/her agent, for any person to:

1. Start a fire except in a designated area and then only in a receptacle specifically designated for a fire, leave a fire unattended, fail to fully extinguish a fire, or scatter or leave unattended lighted matches, burning tobacco, paper or other combustible material;

2. Sell, solicit or conduct any commercial enterprise distribute or disseminate leaflets, pamphlets or other written or printed material; or use loudspeakers or other amplifying;

3. Bring alcohol, illegal drugs, or fireworks of any kind, onto nature center property.

4. Dig trenches or holes, bury pets, or make other excavations in the nature center;

5. Bring into the nature center an uncaged pet unless it is attended at all times and controlled on a leash not more than six feet in length or a retractable leash not longer than 20 feet; or allow or permit a pet to disturb, harass or interfere with any nature center visitor, nature center visitor's property or otherwise interfere with the wildlife and vegetation and purpose of the nature center; Pets are not permitted in ponds or marshes under any circumstances;

6. Use, operate or permit an automobile, ATV, golf cart, or any other motorized form of transportation (other than a one person motorized wheel chair or scooter) within the nature center except upon roadways, and parking areas; or park such a vehicle within the nature center except in a designated parking area;

7. Operate or permit a vehicle in the nature center at a speed in excess of 20 m.p.h.; or emits excessive or unusual noise, noxious fumes, dense smoke, or other polluting matter;

8. Wash, polish, grease, change oil or make any other non-emergency repair on any vehicle in the nature center;

9. Camp within the nature center except in areas designated for that purpose;

10. Remove, alter, injure or destroy any tree, wildflower, other plant, fungi/mushroom, rock, fossil, soil or mineral within the nature center;

11. Kill, trap, hunt, pursue or in any manner disturb or cause to be disturbed, any species of wildlife, including antlers, fur, or bones;

12. Intentionally or carelessly leave behind any refuse, litter, materials, containers, or other items;

13. Release or abandon within the nature center any domestic animal or introduce any plant, chemical or other agent;

14. Ride, tether, lead or permit a horse, mule, burro, or other beast of burden within the nature center;

15. Possess or use any firearms, air guns, paintball guns, archery equipment, or other weapons within the nature center; or discharge any missile or other projectile from such a weapon into the nature center from beyond nature center boundaries without prior approval by River Bend’s board of directors (example: prescribed deer management hunts);

16. Swim or wade;

17. To place chalk drawings, paintings, signs, flagging, or other form of marking

18. Operate a bicycle except on official trails and in designated areas;

19. No person shall be permitted within the nature center between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

20. Conduct any public meetings, assemblies, entertainment, parades, demonstrations or special events within the nature center without first applying for permission at least 30-days in advance and obtaining a written permit from the executive director, and then only in areas and at such times designated in the permit;

A. Special events, or any organized activity conducted on nature center property for the benefit of the general public, not directly organized and supervised by the nature center management may be allowed by the written permit providing:

1. There is a meaningful association between the nature center and the event.

2. The event contributes to visitor understanding of the significance of the nature center.

3. The event can be staged without undue impact on the area's resources and other nature center uses or programs.

B. Any person, organization or group wishing to conduct such a special event or assembly on the nature center lands must first submit a completed form to the executive director thirty (30) days before the event is scheduled to begin:

1. The permit application must state:

a. Name of the event and sponsoring entity
b. Name and information of contact person
c. The nature of the event they desire to conduct;
d. The time period over which it would be conducted, including the date of commencing and ending;
e. The portion of the nature center to be used;
f. All props or other material to be brought into the nature center;
g. A detailed description of all activities within the nature center connected with the event;
h. Description of plans to clean up and police the area used after the event.

2. The executive director shall have the authority to issue conditions upon the permits to qualify the events for the purposes set forth herein.

3. Any person, organization or group to whom a permit is issued shall have the written permit in their possession during the period for which the permit is issued.